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10 tips to become a "bad boy"

"A bad boy is a perfect representation of a male's masculinity." - F. Radwan
Why do girls always seem to fall for bad boys? We always hear that personality is the most important trait to seduce a woman, but is it true? In that case, nice guys would be on top of the game, but we know that's not the case. So what is it that makes bad boys so much more attractive?
First of all, we must not misunderstand, girls don't like jerks, a**holes or douchebags... they like the qualities that come with being a bad boy, like being confident, assertive and dominant in social interactions, bad boys take charge. Being aggressively dominant, mean or uncaring will not help you to get the girl, quite the opposite. It is then important to know the specific qualities that make a "bad boy". You are lucky because we have listed them down below for you, so be ready to become "bad". 
  1.  Be carefree. Do you worry about the petty things? In that case you might want to relax a bit because nothing is more unattractive than a worried person. When you go out to meet people, forget about your problems, money, your coming exams or that huge project you have to submit by next week. Instead, be in the moment, be relaxed and focused on what's around you. Also, do not worry about what people think of you, because people actually spend more time worrying about themselves than others.
  2.  Be bold, indeed women love men who act, remember that women are programmed to look for men who are going to provide for them, and your capacity to act is a pretty good indicator that you might be a good provider. So be a man of action. Be brave and take risks. Approach that hot girl you see at the bar waiting, take what is yours. 
  3.  Have style, here at Jannot we know all about style. Don't underestimate the power of looks, women are people, and people are attracted to attractive things, makes sense right? Don't listen to what society tells us, looks are VERY important! It is primordial that you find your own style, because looking like everybody else will not make you any special. But before you go and rush to the mall, there are some guidelines you need to follow. Go for good cuts, slim fit or at least clothes that fit you, dark colors to emphasize confidence, leather is perfect to have that bad boy look, and complete your look with proper accessories, like a watch or a bracelet. Check out our bad boy look selection for more details: Click here
  4.  Have a strong body language. You already know that one, but do you really act on it? Especially with the bad habits we tend to build over time sitting in front of our laptop, face forward and shoulders dropped. So just do as mommy used to say: shoulders back, chin up, ready to conquer the world.
  5.  Be mysterious and unpredictable. I know this one can be difficult to resist at times, but you don't want to be always available, or respond to texts right away. It is difficult to find the right balance between being mysterious and being seen as uninterested. Because you also don't want to respond too late and make her wait, or trust me, she will play that game better than you and you might end up losing her. Instead, get a life, work on your passion, and show her that you are a busy man.
  6.  Don't smile or nod while listening. We often are told (usually from women) to smile more to appear more welcoming or approachable. But think about it, when you think of some cool dudes, do you see them smile or laugh often? No! Actors like Robert Downey Jr, Harrison Ford or Clint Eastwood are amongst the coolest men out there, and yet they all have in common that nonchalant attitude that defines their coolness. So forget the nice guy smile, instead go for a smirk.
  7.  Stare to intimidate. This one goes along with a strong eye contact. Alpha men are not afraid to show their dominance by looking straight into the eye of people around them. But make sure you do it with confidence, or you will just look like a creep.
  8.  Talk less, but don't end up looking shy. You want to make every word count. Choose your words wisely, don't rush, and use a strong tonality. The shorter your sentences, the better, think of how batman talks, does he throws himself in never ending monologues? No of course. The man barely says a word, but you know that when he opens his mouth, it's gonna be important. Be like batman.
  9.  Pause often. This one is closely related to the "talk less" advice. You want to make sure you capture the attention of everyone around you. Pausing while telling a story will make people wonder what's coming next, like a commercial break in the middle of an intense scene in a movie. You want people to be excited about what you're about to say, because when you speak, it counts.
  10.  Get tough. This one is pretty obvious, what's a bad boy without his toughness. To be bad, you have to show that you can face obstacles. You don't bend to anyone. Don't hesitate to display that masculine side that's been buried. Toughness is associated with masculinity, and women like a masculine man.


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